Poster submissions will only be accepted via our website (in PDF format), and not by e-mail. (SOON)

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The following sections should appear:
 – 1st author and other authors with study centre or institution
 – Introduction and objectives
 – Methods
 – Results and Conclusions
 – References / Bibliography

These should be set out in clearly differentiated blocks.

Title: We recommend betweeen 80 and 100 pt, although if you have a long title, you may find you need to use a slightly smaller font size.

Institutions: The institutions the authors belong to should be stated, indicating also Department and Unit. We recommend betweeen 30 and 36 – pt. Again, you may need to go below 30 pt if you have a longer text.

Text: We recommend 36 – 40 pt, although 32 pt or even 28 pt could be used in isolated areas, or if you have a very large amount of text. You should use dark text colours on a light background, or vice versa.

Identifier/Topic: The posters should be identified with the topic or category to which they belong, for example: Miscellaneous, etc.

References / Bibliography: We recommend 24 – 30 pt.

At least one of the authors must be registered for the congress.