The Congress programme will include 16 scientific lecture sessions as well as an e-poster session panel covering major fields of physiology.  The Congress will take place online as a live-streamed and interactive event.  Sessions will include both, live as well as  pre-recorded state-of the-art invited lectures and original presentations with live discussions.

Accepted E-poster presentations will be available online in pdf format.  Interactive discussion forum for e-posters will be take place. Authors of outstanding e-posters will be asked to perform a short oral presentation during the appropriate lecture session.

Scientific Sessions

1.    Muscle function/ Muscle  exercise

2.    Central nervous system
a) Neurophysiology. Plasticity of neural function.
b) Neurodegeneration, neuroregeneration
c) Neuroimmunology cross-links

3.    Biological rhythms. Sleep

4.    Fatigue. Adaptation to environment. Thermoregulation

5.    Body fluid homeostasis. Renal functions

6.    Heart. Cardiovascular and respiratory regulation

7.    Hemostasis. Functions of blood

8.    Endocrine regulations. Control of body weight.

9.    New insights into cellular functions

10. Aging

11. Physiology of reproduction

12. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology and pathophysiology

13. Multi-omics prospectives in physiology

14. Physiology meets engineering

15. New approaches for teaching physiology

16. Miscellanea